I received an infraction (warning) from Keep2share today :(
I have to make some sales or my account may get limited (probably banned)

I need some help… Please think about to get a VIP membership and create/extend an account! Any help is a help!!
It wouldn’t be cool to lose all uploaded files due to my vacation inactivity…

Thanks in advance!!

Vacation, but…

I’ll be on vacation in 20 hours!! (for around 20 days) I have created 2 huge threads (300GB content each)
1 for LOLI (Ultimate VIP required), the second thread for all other memberships! (it includes some VIP threads aswell^^)
Read the notes in the threads for more information please!

You can still get a VIP pass!! Get it through the VIP FAQ:

Would be very nice to get some sales…
It will also make your downloads much faster when seeing all 1000 boxes in the threads below! I have a total of over 1TB content 😉

LeonX’ Hidden Roulette [non-LOLI]

I’m on vacation for around 20 days! But don’t worry, you will still get daily uploads! Automatic-scheduled Uploads!
Click on any box to start a random download!! Every box has a full game! Single Link – some are 50MB, the others are 3GB!
Every day at 10:00PM (Server Time) you will get the next 22 boxes! All games were tested and not bad!!
PS: Some of them are VIP content!!^^ Maybe you have a good click and get an english game! (no LOLI, no Real Porn!!)

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