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10 reasons why this blog is No. 1

All of these points are leonsblog-exclusive!! And only exisiting here! Except 7 + 8 (Server/Filehost)

Reason Description
Quality My first rule! Quality over quantity!! Show me 1 blog with better quality and you'll get an instant ULTIMATE PASS!!
Downloadlinks You can't find any broken threads on this blog!! All threads have 100% working links!
Ads I'm sure, you all have adblock installed! What is the counter saying? Zero? Because I don't use any ads :)
VIP Section You are into quality? Then I can only prefer the VIP section for you. Read the VIP REVIEWS from other users!
Screenshots I'm the only uploader in the world who shoots own previews for each thread! And a lot too!!
Organisation I'm a perfectionist!! Everything needs to look perfect! Content, navigation bars, categories.... everything!!
Server You are surfing on a octa-core dedicated HIGH-END server with 48GB Ram!! I doubt it's going faster...
Filehost Using the most used filehost! Means that you use your premium account on all porn-forums aswell! :)
Admin Ratings Every thread has a personal rating! And you all know that you can trust my ratings :)
Community I have the best hentai community! Open any thread and read through the comments!

Believe me when I say that you don’t need any other site when you are an ULTIMATE member here!
Or why do you think that this blog survived so long? Almost 5 years already!! Even after full-zero-restart (last year)


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