No uploads for some days due to MAJOR MAINTENANCE
[Personal Ratings come back + Filesize changes]
[SPECIAL OFFER #1: VIP GOLD for 6-months!!]
[SPECIAL OFFER #2: Double EXP for some days aswell!!!!]
[SPECIAL OFFER #3: Pre-Orderers]

I must do a maintenance slowly… But I have 2 offers for this time-gap!!

You just need to create/extend a 6-months account to get a VIP GOLD pass! (starting from NOW)
This is during the next days due to MAINTENANCE!! Don’t miss!! (normally it’s a 12-months one)
Through the VIP FAQ!

In this maintenance time, I’m gonna edit EVERY single thread!
- I will put back the PERSONAL RATINGS
- I will split files into 500 MB parts (200 MB was too little…)

Now I started re-downloading everything, 3.23TB…

PRE ORDERES (PRE GOLD memebrs) can get a VIP GOLD by making a 3-months account!
Through the VIP FAQ!

Real Porn – No. 0240 [VIP SILVER PREVIEW]
[As I promised yesterday, here is a 1920x1080 Full-HD + uncensored JAV! 100 Minutes of pure *censored* with a very cute/innocent + complete shaved girl! This video is her debut! I would rate it with 100%, but "no anal" means -1%... The standing-back (PR6) is GODLIKE! The sitting position (PR5) is unbelievable hot! I promise!! I swear I got a boner now... PS: Lock your door, buddy!!]
[PPS: Images are scaled, not enough RAM to render this hot bitch...]

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(RJ017433) ティファタンX2

(RJ017433) Tifa Tan X2

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Nursery – The Fallen Kinght

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(RJ128994) 義妹は囀らない~ココロのクサリ~

(RJ128994) Chain Of Mind

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(RJ131947) 乳の舞

(RJ131947) My Milk

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(RJ124677) 女子○生弱みを握られ校内レイプ

(RJ124677) High School Exploitees

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(RJ130364) ~little ballerina~ HINA BITCH!2
[It was impossible to make more screenshots... Someone who make or like this kind of stuff is definetely sick!! Be careful of pure shit!!]

(RJ130364) Little Ballerina – Hina Bitch 2

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Special Offers run out – Maintenance almost finished!

As you guys know I’m making a huge maintenance!
The previews are almost finished, I think 2 more days and I’m done (50 pages left)

I just wanted to remember you guys that the the special offers are valid during this maintenance only :twisted:

Special Offer #1: Getting “VIP GOLD” – LIFETIME for 6-months (instead of 12 months)
Special Offer #2: Double EXP! 1 comment -> ₡42 instead of ₡21 (Also VIP Bonus: 12-months ₡5,000 instead of ₡2,500)
Special Offer #3: This offer is for PRE-ORDERERS only! Getting VIP GOLD for making a 3-months account!
*you can also extend your running premium, it must not be a new one! Just do it though the >>VIP FAQ<<!!

PS: I have a GREAT JAV for VIP SILVER members tomorrow! I promise, it’s even better than some YUKI movies! *shock*
And you guys know that YUKI is a goddess for me!!! Rating 99% or 100%, depends on the screenshot quality tomorrow :)

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