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Future plans!!

As you guys know, I’m currently uploading ~2TB data and will replace all links from each thread… (750GB done)
Meanwhile I have so many things to tell you guys and I think it’s time to tell all of my future plans!!

Current List-Version: 1.0a
[be sure to have JAVA enabled to see the spoilers below!!]


  • VIP threads will be seeable in full public [except ULTIMATE threads]
  • Need to reduce the PREVIEWS!! I will post just 6 up to 12 previews per thread!! [due to the server downgrade]
  • Personal Ratings will be available as always. I should make new medals… [I don’t have another choice, eh^^]
  • Tags/Categories will be available aswell. [maybe I will add even more]
  • “LX NOTES” will stay [so I can tell you some more things about the game/movie]
  • All current threads will stay in 2017!! [I’ve cleaned the crap already and removed around 500 threads 3 weeks ago…]


  • The whole blog will base on 6 niches! H-Games, H-Movies, H-CG, H-ZOMG || RP-JAV, RP-US [H=Hentai, RP=Real Porn]
  • Gonna add much much more Real Porn JAV/US videos! [Last Voting Results]
  • Hentai Voice/Hentai-Audio will not be posted [damn I had so nice ones with superb ingame-graphics…]


  • Keep2Share will stay of course!! [just to let you know^^]
  • I will add a second hosts [it allows Paypal as payment method]
  • Files bigger than 1GB will be split into 1GB parts [i.e. 3.4GB => 4 parts]
  • All files can be downloaded as “free users” [free user limit: 1GB]
  • The archive passwords are no more [need to remove it because I will start posting on forums]
  • The “preview-folder” will be still in the RAR archive [Collectors Unite \o/]
  • The Blog-HTML inside the RAR is gone aswell [save the blog in your bookmarks!!]

VIP Groups & VIP Deals

Just to remember you!! REGULAR/ULTIMATE memberships end in “end of 2016”!! (as said from very beginning!!)

  • SPECIAL and GODLIKE VIP* will be deleted!! REGULAR & ULTIMATE will be available only!!
  • Deals I made through Emails with members are cancelled! I’m not giving a free VIP to ANYBODY! Except 2** members!!
  • Members who got a gift this year (StreamCodes, Donating etc.) will get its gift in 2017^^ (I haven’t forget that!!)
    * It’s not a typo… Why do you think is the word “hidden” in the blog slogan? ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
    ** These 2 members donated $1000 each!!

Stream & Misc

  • Daily codes will be given during the PS4 stream! [I stream almost every day around 6-12AM, SERVER TIME]
  • Cubepoints will stay
  • Cubepoints-Rewards will be added
  • Blog-Achievements will be added [BETA!!]
  • Blog-Moderators will be added [BETA!!]
  • “Latest Comments” will stay
  • “EXP + User-Level” will stay


I try to do my best to fulfill everyones wishes. On human also on fapping-base!! I’ll build this blog to the No. 1 in 2017!!
Let me know when you have some questions!! But please think twice before you comment!!
[Or your comment will be added in the Hall OF Shame (aka Stupidity FAQ above)]


What do you think about these plans?

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