Current Health Status

I'm still lying in the hospital. Since I got a huge transplantation they have to monitor me 24/7
Please - still visit this place daily to see the activity from my side! I'll definetely come back :)

[TWITCH] Watch me playing Resident Evil Revelations 2 (PS4)
[Current: OFFLINE]

Thank god that it’s allowed that I can play PS4 the whole day (hospital while lying on bed xD)
Advantages of being a premium insured patient…

You can watch me playing when you want. Im a newbie and started today with this Twutch thing
Making comments would be even greater (on Stream^^)

PS: I will give a code every stream I stream! A code for a VIP3 pass (free^^)
The first who replies in Twitch gets the pass :)

Watch me here:

Just wanted say that everything went fine!! But I’ll need a pretty long rest…

Once I’m fully cured – I will continue!! Meanwhile… I’ll start some random “normal” threads…

I’m sure I will lose 90-95% of all members – but this can’t be changed :/

I also wanted thank all members who posted in the previous thread!!
It’s really good to know to have some people who care about others^^

PS: I’m limited to a mobilephone… but better than nothing :)


I told you about my illness! The time has come for the important operation!
In the case that I don’t survive this operation, I removed all threads and comments!

Please come back in some weeks!
When you see an update here, then I survived! If not, then I’m in the other world! :)

I’m a strong guy – so don’t worry! I will be back :evil:
(I set a friend to an admin, since I cannot come online for a month I guess)

When I return, everything will be as always (even better^^)

Love to all of my followers who supported me for years!!
Farewell, LeonX!!